By 4th April 2018 every company or organisation with more than 250 employees has to report the details of their gender pay gap statistics- the difference between what men and women earn across your organisation and why. We want to hear about your experiences of the impact of this information on your workplace. You can find the data here: https://gender-pay-gap.service.gov.uk/
Paymetoo is a cross party group of MPs - we will use the stories reported here to inform our work tackling the gender pay gap and fighting for equality in Britain. Because there's too much talent in our country to let any of it go to waste. All submissions will remain anonymous.

* 1. How would you describe your identity?

* 3. Has the organisation you work for published its gender pay gap statistics?

* 4. Has the organisation you work for circulated it's gender pay gap statistics to staff?

* 5. Do you have any comments about the accuracy or nature of this data?

* 6. Have you discussed this with co-workers?

* 7. Have you discussed the gender pay gap at your workplace with your manager?

* 8. What response did you get when you discussed the gender pay gap at your workplace with your manager? Please give details of this conversation

* 9. Are you a member of a trade union? 

* 10. Is there a women's network or group at your workplace? 

* 11. Would you be prepared to speak to us on condition of anonymity about your experience of discussing the gender pay gap in your workplace- if so please give your full contact details here. We will not share these with anyone else without your consent.