National 5 English 2016/2017

* 1. Please state your name and the grade you hope to achieve after sitting the National 5 exam.

* 2. How did you prepare for the National 5 English exam? Please mention your preferred study/revision techniques in your answer.

* 3. The ability to reflect on your own learning becomes more essential at Higher. Where were your strengths when answering R.U.A.E. questions and where did you tend to lose marks?

* 4. How well prepared were you for the Scottish set text exam paper? Why was this?

* 5. What texts did you study for the critical essay and did you feel they were challenging enough for this level?

* 6. If you received one-to-one folio support or were in a R.U.A.E extraction group please explain the impact of this support.

* 7. An ability to work independently is a necessity at Higher. What aspects of the National 5 course allowed you to practise this skill? Be sure to provide a detailed answer.

* 8. Which skills will you need to develop in order to pass Higher English?

* 9. What advice would you give to pupils who are sitting National 5 this year?

* 10. How could the English department improve the delivery of the National 5 English course?