Dear Colleague

We at Mersey Care place a high value on the wellbeing of our staff and understand the important contribution staff wellbeing has on the delivery of high quality care to the people who use our services. Research has shown that when staff encounter uncivil or disrespectful behaviour in the workplace, the ability to work safely and effectively can be compromised and therefore, we are keen to promote a happy and positive environment for all of our employees.

The Respect and Civility group has been formed to review working relationships within the Trust, firstly to identify anything we can be doing better and secondly to empower our staff to speak out when incivility occurs. Our goal is to arm staff with the tools they need to challenge negative behaviours and to provide a clear route by which staff can seek support and guidance when this is required.
By completing this survey, you can help us to understand better the types of negative behaviours that you may have encountered in the workplace so that we can target our interventions where they will be most effective. It is completely confidential and we hope it will enable us to understand and overcome the challenges that uncivil and disrespectful behaviours can cause our employees.

If you would like to help, please complete this survey, it takes just 5 minutes to do.   

We recognise that by completing this survey, this may raise issues for staff.  For more information or advice on how you can gain support please visit the Trust’s intranet or contact our staff support services on 0151 330 8103. 

Regular updates on the work of our group will be available from the Trust intranet. You can also follow updates on Twitter with hashtag #IWILLspeakup. Alternatively for further information, come and speak to one of our team at the Trust roadshows and forums. 

Thank you very much in advance for your contribution!

Respect & Civility Work Group
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