Survey to obtain feedback about specific aspects of live operations
Context and Purpose - the Who? What? Why? When? and Where?


The Technical Architecture and Business Architecture Sub-Committee (TABASC) is engaging with SEC Parties and DCC Users, with a focus on operational DCC Users or those undergoing the User Entry Process.


On direction from the SEC Panel and in accordance with SEC Section F1.4 the TABASC is required to review the effectiveness of the Technical Architecture, Business Architecture and the HAN requirements.

The questionnaire findings will help inform whether further investigation is required.


This confidential questionnaire has been issued to SEC Parties.

The findings will be shared with the SEC Panel and its Sub-committees only to inform whether further work is required in relation to the effectiveness of the of the Technical Architecture, Business Architecture, HAN requirements and any operational issues affecting the User experience with the End-to-End processes including those managed and provided by the DCC.

One questionnaire response is requested per organisation. Each organisation response should include feedback from the technical and operational aspects of each organisation.


The questionnaire is open for responses for 1 month from it being issued.

It is the intention to repeat the questionnaire at 4 to 6 month intervals.


This questionnaire has been made available here via SurveyMonkey. It can also be printed for use internally before providing a single response online.


It is recognised that any information you provide may have commercial sensitivity and will be treated in confidence for analysis and any resulting recommendations reported to the Panel.

The survey is being undertaken by SECAS on behalf of the TABASC. All information will be treated in confidence.

However, if a DCC User identifies an emerging problem, it might be necessary for the TABASC to obtain further details for clarification. For this reason, the Questionnaire asks for the name of your Organisation and Contact details (for any necessary follow-up).

Question Title

* 1. Please provide the name of your organisation and contact details (for any necessary follow-up)

Question Title

* 2. Number of Commissioned Devices*. Please select from the options below

*The SEC defines ‘Commissioned’ as meaning, in respect of a Device [includes Communication Hubs], that:
(a) the Device has been commissioned in accordance with the Smart Metering Inventory Enrolment and
Withdrawal Procedures; and
(b) the Device has not subsequently been Decommissioned, Withdrawn or Suspended,