About this survey

The Thomas Hardy Society maintains its online and digital presence with a website, an online shop, a Facebook page, and a Twitter feed (@hardysociety). These channels support a worldwide community of Hardy Society members, Hardy scholars, students, and enthusiasts with a wide range of information and resources. We would like your help to improve the website. Thank you for taking five minutes to complete this survey. The survey is anonymous, but if you are happy to leave your name and contact details on the final page, we'll enter you in a draw to receive a choice of gifts from the Thomas Hardy Society catalogue of merchandise and books. The draw will take place 2 June 2018, so please complete the survey by then! Click OK to begin the survey.

* 1. I am a member of the Thomas Hardy Society.

* 2. In the last twelve months, I have:

  Yes No Not sure
visited the Thomas Hardy Society website
accessed the Thomas Hardy Society website from a tablet, mobile phone, or device other than a laptop or computer
visited the Thomas Hardy Society online shop 
visited the Thomas Hardy Society Facebook page or received Facebook updates 
seen a tweet from the Thomas Hardy Society

* 3. If you visited the website, what was your reason for visiting? (If you did not visit, please skip this question.)

* 4. Whatever your reason for visiting the website, were you able to achieve what you wanted? (If you did not visit please skip this question.)

* 5. Are you likely to visit the Thomas Hardy Society website in future?

* 6. What would encourage you to visit the website or make your visit more useful?

* 7. Is there anything specific about the website that you do not like or find useful?

* 8. Have you visited other websites about literary or cultural figures that you could suggest as good examples for the Thomas Hardy Society to follow? Please tell us about them:

* 9. In general, how experienced/adept a user would you say you are of websites and other online, digital or social media channels such as Facebook or Twitter?

* 10. Thank you for your time. If you would like to be entered in a draw to receive a choice of gifts from the Thomas Hardy catalogue of merchandise, please enter your name and email address below. We will not use this information for any purpose other than to contact you in the event that your name is drawn. The draw will take place on 2 June 2018 and the winner will be informed as soon as possible. Once you have entered your name and email address, click Done. If you do not wish to be entered in the draw, please click Done to exit the survey. Thank you again for your interest in the Thomas Hardy Society.