BA Athletics Club 2018 Events Survey

This survey contains details of a selection of the events that the athletics club will be engaged in across 2018, and asks questions about your possible participation at those events.

Your answers are optional and non-committal, but will be very useful to us so please give us your best guess.  Some events require club membership, some UK Athletics affiliation, some are open only to airline employees whilst others are there for all and sundry - tell us what you'd like to do, and we'll advise you on eligibility.
With most of the questions you may add additional comments.  Please assume that the club committee will know who has responded with each comment - even if you don't provide your name.

The purpose of the survey is two fold:
  • To inform you of events that may interest you [please add notes to your diary as you go through],
  • To inform us of potential participation in those events.
There are ten questions - thank you in advance for considering each event and providing answers.  Click "Next" to go onto the next question and "Done" at the last. You can ignore the "OK" prompts.