Diocesan Directory Survey

We’d like your help to ensure the 2018/19 diocesan directory works for everyone.  Please can you complete this brief survey to help us with the layout, design and content.  

* 1. Do we need a paper version of the directory or could you operate with access to an electronic directory?

* 2. Would you prefer the directory to be A4 or A5?

* 3. How was the font size in the 2017/18 edition?

* 4. Feedback from some people suggested some of the font colours chosen for the text were too light, making the text difficult to read.  How would you feel about the content being presented only in black and white?

* 5. The diocese sells advertising space in the directory to help keep costs down.  Do you think...

* 6. Can you suggest other companies, organisations, businesses who might be interested in advertising in the directory?  If so, please pass on details.

* 7. All the churches were listed under a local town or village. If your church wasn't listed correctly, please let us know.  Please give the name of your church, the Mission Area and the town/village under which it should be listed.  

* 8. Do you have any further comments about the directory?