Survey Introduction

This survey has been designed to enable the A to B1102 Group to better understand the travel needs of people living along and around the B1102 route from Fordham through to Stow-cum-Quy including Bottisham and the Wilbrahams. Whether you walk, cycle, use the bus or your own car, we want to learn more about:

- Where you need to travel regularly to and from
- What (if anything) impacts your choice of mode of transport
- Whether you can access the public transport you need
- What would enable you to make better use of public transport as we, as a region, look to reduce congestion and progress towards a greener future

We will use your feedback / responses to lobby our District and County Councils (including the Cambridge & Peterborough Combined Authority and the Greater Cambridge Partnership) for the improvements required to bus services, road improvements and development of Active Travel (Walking & Cycling) in our area.   

It will take you no more than 10 minutes to complete.
None of the information requested involves your personal data, we only need to collect postcode information (which is not unique to your address) and approximate street addresses for the destinations where you need to go. 

Question Title

* 1. Please provide your full home postcode, for example CB25 0LD, the place you typically start your journeys from:

Question Title

* 2. How old are you? Please tick one box.

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* 3. How would you describe yourself?