Clarion Housing Group Community Grants Programe
Eligibility Quiz

PLEASE NOTE THAT THIS QUIZ IS NOT AN APPLICATION - a link to the full application will be provided at the end of the quiz, if you are eligible to apply to the programme. 

Please review the essential criteria of the programme before confirming whether your group/organisation and project is eligible to apply for a grant.

If your group/organisation and project is eligible you will be able to complete and submit an application form. Note that Groundwork UK will carry out further checks on all applications received and will also request supporting evidence prior to any grant payments being made.

Please refer to the programme guidance and frequently asked questions for further information or contact Groundwork UK on 0121 236 8565.

Essential Criteria

• You must be a member of a community, voluntary or charity group;

• You are a charity or constituted group with a governing document in the name of your group/organisation;

• Your group/organisation’s annual income last year was less than £500,000;

• Your group/organisation’s management committee consists of at least 3 unrelated members;

• You are requesting a grant of between £1,000 and £5,000;

• Your project will primarily support Clarion residents;

• Your group/organisation has the relevant insurance and policies in place;

• Your project has received written permission from the Landowner if relevant (e.g. for open spaces projects).

• Your project will start within 3 months of receiving the initial grant payment from us;

• Your project will be completed within 12 months;

• Your group/organisation has not received a grant from this programme during the previous  funding round.

• Your group/organisation has met the terms and conditions of any previous grant(s) awarded through this programme.

Your project does not include any of the following:

• Activities where people are excluded on religious grounds

• Activities which promote religious beliefs

• One-off events or trips (for which you cannot demonstrate significant educational value or the positive impact on community cohesion)

• Individual sponsorship

•  Party political activity

• Purely commercial ventures (for profit)

•  Retrospective funding (i.e. spending that has already taken place)

Your data will only be used by the Federation of Groundwork Trusts and will not be shared with 3rd parties. You can unsubscribe at any time.

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Question Title

* 1. Does your group/organisation and project meet the essential criteria of the Community Grants Programme?