The Proposed Local Development Plan (the Plan) sets out a strategy for future development in the National Park. It includes sites and proposals for development as well as the policies that will be used to make decisions on applications for planning permission. We aim to formally adopt the Plan in 2020 when the current Local Development Plan 2015 comes to an end. The Plan focuses on the five year period until 2025. It also includes development proposals for the 10 year period until 2030, as well as providing a general indication of the likely scale and location of development as far as 20 years into the future.

This consultation allows you the opportunity to comment on any section within the proposed plan and will conclude April 5th 2019.
Please use this form to submit your comments in relation to the Proposed Local Development Plan. Please submit comments relating to one section/issue at a time, the survey will provide you the opportunity to go back and enter your comments for another section/issue. 

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