'U Power' Project Youth Climate Challenge Fund Evaluation

As part of RUTs ongoing work regarding addressing climate challanges, we are evaluating pur 'U Power' young persons Climate Challenge Fund (CCF) project which is completed this year. You can help by giving us your views about the project which will then help us refine and develop future activities for RUTs and also any further CCF work we may undertake

* 1. What was your involvement/role with 'U Power'?

* 2. How long were you involved with 'U Power' through out is duration?

* 3. Was your attendance regular?

* 4. Why did you become involved with 'U Power'?

* 5. What did you learn most about from the project?

* 6. What were the most or least helpful aspects of 'U Power' that were applicable to you? Please rank 1-5 (1 lowest and 5 Highest)

  1 2 3 4 5
Route Planning
Equipment Hire

* 7. What was the best aspect of 'U power' for you?

* 8. What would you change about 'U power' and why?

* 9. Would you participate in 'U power' again?

* 10. Have you been involved in any other Climate Challenge Fund project apart from 'U Power'?

* 11. What were the lasting impacts of 'U Power' on you?

* 12. Has 'U Power' helped you reduce your carbon footprint?

* 13. If you can measure your own carbon footprint reduction - how did you and by how much?

* 14. Has 'U power' helped you change your behaviour to help reduce your carbon footprint?

* 15. If 'U power' was repeated what would you change and why?

* 16. Would you try to encourage your friends and others to reduce thier carbon footprint?

* 17. Any other comments about 'U Power'