We at MNHQ would love to find out a bit more about what people think about our webchats on Mumsnet - what you like and dislike, what you’d like to see improved, etc.
It applies to all webchats: Book Club, politicians, slebs, academics, random people of interest.
Please answer the questions thinking about the most recent webchat thread you’ve looked at. It’s fine if you just lurk - we’d still very much like to know what you think.
Please fill in the survey below and add your details at the end and you'll be entered into a prize draw where one winner will get a £100 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list) - draw to be done 31 March 2017.

Thank you and good luck!


* 1. Which webchat have you just read/taken part in? Please name the guest(s) so we know which one you’re thinking about.

* 2. Please state...

  Yes No
Are you a Mumsnet member?
Were you a Mumsnet member when you first clicked on the webchat?
Did reading the webchat prompt you to become a Mumsnet member - perhaps because you wanted to be able to post a question?

* 3. How did you arrive on this webchat thread?

* 4. And - if you already knew about this webchat before you clicked through to the webchat thread - how did you hear about it? Please tick all that apply:

* 5. Did you read the webchat thread… (please tick all that apply)

* 6. Overall, how would you rate this webchat thread/your experience for the following?

  Excellent Good Neutral Not good Poor N/A
Interaction with other Mumsnetters
Ease of use of pagination (pages)
Ease of use overall
Knowing where the beginning and end of the thread are
Feeling compelling/interesting
Understanding where the guest’s answers were
Finding out things you wanted to know
Ease of use of At A Glance feature
Feeling ‘live’
Interaction with the guest
Ease of understanding of the format of Mumsnet webchats

* 7. Did you quit reading the thread (before you’d reached the end) because you found the experience unsatisfactory in any way?

* 8. If ‘yes’, please tell us what made you quit the thread. Please tick all that apply:

* 9. Did you post on the thread?

* 10. If ‘no’, why not? Please tick all that apply:

* 11. Did you share this webchat on social media or tell anyone else it was happening? Please tick all that apply:

And now some more general questions about Mumsnet webchats:

* 12. Have you ever...

  Yes No
Meant to take part in a Mumsnet webchat, but forgot that it was happening?
Heard about a Mumsnet webchat after it happened and thought ‘darn it, I wish I’d known about that one’?
Wanted to join a webchat but been unable because of the time it is being held?
Bought a book/ product being promoted on a MN webchat?

* 13. What’s your preferred time for webchats - when would it be easiest or best for you to take part? Please tick all that apply:

* 14. Who would you absolutely love us to have on for a Mumsnet webchat?

* 15. How old are you?

* 16. Please state the age of all your children.

* 17. Where do you live?

* 18. Add your details below to be entered into the prize draw. 

Thank you so much for taking part!