Introduction to the Survey

Sport Ireland is the authority tasked with the development of sport in Ireland. This includes participation in sport, high performance sport, anti-doping, coaching and the development of the Sport Ireland Campus.

Sport Ireland recognises that sport can make an important contribution to economic and social cohesion and a more integrated society by using the potential of sport for social inclusion, integration and equal opportunities, whilst emphasising the total unacceptability of discrimination in any form.

In order to broaden the scope of our work in the area of Diversity and Inclusion, Sport Ireland is seeking to develop a Diversity and Inclusion policy, the content of which will be informed by a widespread consultation and research process. The Diversity and Inclusion policy document will include tangible targets and actions areas against which Sport Ireland, its funded organisations and partners can work to promote inclusion and respect diversity in relation to participation in sport and physical activity.

The specific focus groups for this research are: people with a disability, LGBTI+ community and minority ethnic communities including Travellers. The research seeks to ensure that the voices of these groups are heard and that their feedback will help to shape the Diversity and Inclusion Policy and future projects/ initiatives. 

Participation in this survey is entirely voluntary. If you decide to answer the questions you can still change your mind. You can stop at any time.

Your time and input will make a difference and is valued and appreciated. Some further information about the survey is included below.

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If you have understood all the information on this page you can now decide if you want to answer the questions in this survey. This is called giving consent.

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