Questionnaire about maths learning at Woolacombe School.

We're working hard to build on the maths understanding of your child. We value your support, at home, to help us build on these skills. This short questionnaire will help us to identify opportunities, where we can work more closely with you, as parents and carers, so that you feel confident and understand our teaching approaches in the classroom.  There are 9 questions to read and complete.  Thank you for your time.

* 1. What do you understand by the phrase 'maths understanding'?

* 2. Have you attended a maths workshop at Woolacombe School?

* 3. If you didn't attend a maths workshop, why?

* 4. If you did attend the maths workshop, do you think you gained anything from it?

* 5. If you did attend a maths workshop, would you attend again?

* 6. If you did attend, would you recommend the workshop to another parent or parents?

* 7. Would you bring your child to a maths workshop to learn together?

* 8. Do you click on the class webpage to find out what your child is learning each week?

* 9. What do you think we could do together to help improve your child's understanding with maths?