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To help us deliver a presentation programme that provides you with relevant information to help you support your school-leaver, please rate the following topics from highly relevant to irrelevant.

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* 1. Please rate the following topics:

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Apprenticeships v University panel debate
Building resilience for life away from home
Building resilience for life in a working environment
Career mapping – helping your teenager to identify suitable careers
Closing the employment gap for students with learning difficulties/Autism
Diversity and inclusion: Making apprenticeships accessible to all 
Helping to prepare for the university interview process
How to complete a successful UCAS application
Life skills - what isn't taught in schools
Motivation techniques to inspire your child
Nice girls don't get the corner office - leadership skills for young women
Student finance - where your money goes
Supporting an Oxbridge applicant
The advantages of a gap year
Tips on how to start building a well-rounded and interesting CV
Understanding mental health and identifying when there may be a problem: Anxiety & Depression, Addiction, Eating Disorders, Self harm
Using neuroscience to aid revision technique
Using social media for employability - how to help your teenager manage their online reputation
Your guide to apprenticeships