Lancaster Photographic Society workshops survey

This questionnaire will collect information about workshops thatĀ LPS could develop for its members.

Please feel free to add any ideas comments that you think would be helpful. Check as many boxes as you like!

* 1. Are you interested in attending LPS workshops on specific topics?

* 2. What times would you consider attending?

* 3. I generally use the following photography editing software

* 4. What topics would you like to see coverered?

* 5. If interested in photoshop skills, any particular areas that would be useful to you?

* 6. I see my photography skill level as ...

* 7. I see my post-processing skill level (eg Photoshop, Lightroom etc) as ...

* 8. Would you be interested in being involved in  one-to-one  or one-to-few mentorship with another club photographer? Or as a workshop teacher?

* 9. I would be willing to teach others about ...

* 10. Thanks for completing this LPS survey. We will feed the results back at a club meeting. Any other comments you would like to add?