We Make Works is a manufacturing and education space for design, tech, maker, arts and crafts businesses in Sheffield. WMW is somewhere to discover maker tools and tech, design and prototype new products and connect with broader ideas and research. 

Launching this autumn we need your help to understand how you do what you do so we can develop the services that would be useful to you, from specific equipment you need to courses and training we could provide that will support you and your business. 

We know surveys are boring so as a sweetener we will give you 75% off your first booking just for sharing your thoughts! Hows that sound?

* 1. Lets get the basics out of the way first, whats the size of your business or project. (you can tick more than one box here)

* 2. Next tell us where you are on your business journey

* 3. What are you interested in using We Make Works spaces for? (you can tick more than one box here)

* 4. OK we've got the basics out of the way, now WHAT do you do? We could have an endless list of tick boxes but you know what you do better than anyone else so if you could let us know in a few sentences that would be much more interesting! (e.g. Im a product designer specialising in unique gift items for the homeware market, I sell online and supply to trade)

* 5. Next to the HOW you do what you do. Tell us about the tools you use right now AND your wish list. The idea of a shared production space is that we can provide equipment you might not be able to afford currently so think about how you could improve your production methods as well as kit you just want to play with!

* 6. What materials do you use (you can tick more than one box here)

* 7. Up-skilling, training and learning, how can we help you be better at what you do? (you can tick more than one box here)

* 8. Which of the following facilities would you be interested in? (you can tick more than one box here)

* 9. Types of membership. The We Make Work space is funded by income from our memberships fees and revenue from paid courses and training. We will offer free session on a regular bases supported by our core users, but the questions is what type of membership works for you? (obviously we understand there will be a cost consideration here)

* 10. Finally THANK YOU for taking the time to complete this survey, to keep you up to date and send you your 75% discount voucher we need your contact details. We will not share this information with any other company and will use it strictly for market research purposes, in other words to design services and programs that will actually be useful to you.