The British Museum is currently investigating options for improving the Portable Antiquities Scheme website and database (PAS) at Whether you use PAS frequently or this is your first visit, we’d appreciate your feedback and ideas.

If you have already provided feedback as part of this process, please do not complete this online survey.

* 1. In which county (in England) or country (elsewhere) do you live?

* 2. Select the reason you generally use PAS.

* 3. How often do you use PAS?

* 4. List your top three features of the PAS database, saying why you think each is so good.

* 5. Thinking of the existing PAS website and database, what three things do you think could be improved to suit your needs? Please give an example of each improvement.

* 6. Thankyou for completing the survey. If you're happy to be contacted for follow-up questions, please provide your name and e-mail address.