Welcome to My Survey

Runnymede Borough Council is currently in the process of developing a Community Development Strategy to provide direction in the services it provides in the fields of sport, physical activity, recreation and leisure. This strategy will review the current level of provision in Runnymede, assess the needs of our residents and stakeholders and strive to improve facilities, opportunities and access to support our community to be healthier, happier and lead better connected lives. It will focus on services provided by and supported by Runnymede Borough Council, with a strong emphasis on sport and physical activity and the benefits to health and wellbeing.

This resident’s survey has been designed to understand the needs of our residents and their satisfaction with the current level of provision. Completing this survey will help to shape the final strategy document.

As a thank you for your time, Achieve Lifestyle and The River Bourne Health Club are offering a 7 day free pass for anybody who completes the survey. Instructions of how to activate the offer are available upon completion of the survey.