* 1. Name

* 2. Email address

* 3. Team name

* 4. Name of school

Skill Level:
1 = None
2 = Working towards
3 = I have some skills in this area
4 = I have good understanding and skills in this area
5 = I have very good understanding and skills in this area
6 = I have excellent understanding and skills in this area

Using the chart above, please identify your level of skill for each of the following areas:

* 5. Skills: 

  1 2 3 4 5 6
Responsibility - I take responsibility seriously and complete my tasks on time 
Confidence - I have good self confidence and feel relaxed when dealing with others
Adaptability - I feel I can accept changes and look for good outcomes when faced with a challenge 
Determination - Even when I'm under pressure I show determination to get the task completed 
Communication - I feel I communicate well and with ease  
Literacy - I have good writing skills
Numeracy - I understand basic accounting in order to keep track of sales and purchases
Creativity - I have creative talents and feel I am able to bring imagination to my projects 
Organisation - I consider myself to be organised in most things I do 
Teamwork - I am a good team-worker and am able to work easily with others 
Decision Making - I am a good decision maker and can make difficult decisions when need be 
Problem solving - I am good at problem solving when faced with a difficult task