5th CanTest International School for Cancer Detection Research in Primary Care

16th-18th November 2022 in Cambridge, UK

Please answer the questions below if you wish to apply for a funded scholarship to attend the 5th CanTest School. Once you submitted have the answers to the questions, you will be sent an application form.
The closing date for applications is 31st August 2022 and you will be notified whether you have been awarded a place at the latest by Friday 9th September 2022.
If you have any problems or wish to contact us directly, please contact Valerie Sills at vas46@medschl.cam.ac.uk.
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1.What is your name?
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2.What is your academic institution and country?
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4.Please provide brief details of your current research, e.g. Masters or PhD title, or information about your current role
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