About the Scheme

The 2021 Society of Labour Lawyers Mentoring Scheme will run from January 2021 to January 2022. 

The purpose and objectives of the Society of Labour Lawyers Mentoring Scheme are to:

·       provide an individual mentor to students and recent graduates who are considering a legal career, including students from non-traditional backgrounds;

·       demonstrate the rich variety of legal careers and practice areas open to them.  Wherever possible, you will be paired with a mentor working in an area of law that you are interested in.  You will also have the opportunity to meet other mentors, mentees and wider SLL members at events throughout the duration of the Scheme; and

·       show that lawyers working in any environment are able to combine their career with their Labour values.  The SLL membership is made up of lawyers who are proud of their politics and wish to promote them! 


To apply, you must be a student or recent graduate (who has graduated within the past two years and is yet to find full-time, permanent employment in the legal sector) who is both:

·       interested in pursuing a legal career (whether or not you are currently studying for a law degree); and

· a member of or sympathetic to the values and aims of the Labour Party.

Successful applicants will be expected to join the Society of Labour Lawyers, if they are not already members.


The Scheme has been designed to allow a high degree of flexibility in the mentor-mentee relationship.  It will be for each pair to decide how you best use the opportunity.  If selected for the scheme, you will be provided with a handbook at the start of the pilot, which will provide further suggestions for making the most out of the scheme.

As a minimum, we would expect you to:

·       meet your mentor for an initial meeting, either in person or over the phone, during the first month of the scheme;

·       make contact by email, over the phone or in person at least every 4 - 6 weeks for the rest of the scheme.  We would expect this contact to focus on meeting the specific and agreed objectives that you have set during the initial meeting; and

·       participate in wider events organised for the benefit of mentees.

Society of Labour Lawyers & Junior Labour Lawyers

The Society of Labour Lawyers ("SLL") is a socialist society affiliated to the Labour Party.  The Society is made up of Labour Party members who work in the legal sector.

Junior Labour Lawyers ("JLL") is a group within the Society of Labour Lawyers for members of the Labour Party who are law students, paralegals, trainee solicitors, pupil barristers, junior barristers and junior solicitors of up to 10 years' call.  If you are selected for the mentoring scheme, we would ask you to join Junior Labour Lawyers.  Further details on the process for doing so will be available to successful applicants.

More information about the Society, its work and its Privacy Policy can be found at https://www.societyoflabourlawyers.org.uk.  

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