Dear OVID Technical Vessel Operators,

The OVMSA program was implemented by OCIMF in Q4-2012 and is now under review. We would therefore be grateful if you could complete the following question set and return all feedback;

Thank you for your participation.



* 1. Name

* 2. Company

* 3. Designation

* 4. Is the guidance provided for the completion of the self-assessment sufficient? If not, please provide feedback.

* 5. What barriers exist that may hinder effective participation in the OVMSA programme?

* 6. Are there any elements that would benefit from supplement and or further revision? If yes, please provide feedback.

* 7. Where do you see duplication within the existing template?

* 8. Does the current stage progression (1-4) within the elements assist with measurement of and encourage continuous improvement? If not, please provide feedback.

* 9. What clarification of the best practice guidance is required?

* 10. How do you believe the overall process may be improved?