Dear Blewbury Villager,

As we have reported in the Bulletin, the project to refurbish the Village Hall is reviewing options to keep the cost within a budget of around £500,000.  It is some time since we formally surveyed the views of the village so to support this review of options and to provide further evidence of need for funding applications, we would be grateful if you could spare a few minutes to answer the attached questions.

We apologise to those of you who have completed earlier questionnaires, but we have never surveyed the whole village before and this needs to be done.  The more responses we get, the better our evidence and the more convincing our funding applications.  All responses will be treated as confidential, and there is no need to add your name or personal details.

Completed questionnaires should be returned by Saturday 23rd September.  Hard copies can be returned to to the Post Office or April Cottage (next to the Post Office). If you have any further comments please attach them on a separate piece of paper. Alternatively you can complete the questionnaire electronically via the Village Hall Refurbishment page of the Blewbury website.  

Many thanks in anticipation of your support.

Yours sincerely

Steve White
for the Village Hall Refurbishment Team