This survey is aiming to collect data around mental health and emotional wellbeing apps, to identify which apps help to regulate a mental health condition(s). Your feedback will help identify resources that can be recommended to those who work with young people.

* 1. Which app are you currently using to maintain your mental health/ emotional wellbeing? (if using more than one, please complete this survey for each one individually)

* 2. Would you recommend it to a friend?

* 3. Is the app easy to use, with clear information?

* 4. Why do you keep using this app? List at least 3 things.

* 5. What would you improve about the app?

* 6. What’s your favourite feature on the app?

* 7. How long have you been using the app?

* 8. With 1 being the worst, 5 being the best, what rating would you give the app?