A safe route between Kyle and Broadford – How would you use it?

We are a group of local volunteers working to establish an off-road path, for cyclists and pedestrians, between the Skye Bridge and Broadford. We are seeking to re-use as far as possible the remnants of the old road that runs parallel to the A87.  

The project is gathering momentum and we are keen to gather initial thoughts from people who might be interested, in advance of a fuller public consultation.  How do you think you might use the path?  (Cycling to work? School? Family outings?  Running and jogging? Watching wildlife?) And how do you think you and others could benefit? (Employment? Health? Tourism?) Do you have any other thoughts or suggestions?

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* 1. If we had a safe path between Kyle and Broadford - how do you think you might use it?

* 2. How do you think you and others might benefit from the path?

* 3. Any further thoughts and/or suggestions you would like to add at this stage

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