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This questionnaire is one of the opportunities for you - particularly if you are a resident of the Hebden Royd, Blackshaw, Erringden, Heptonstall and Wadsworth council areas, or have a connection to a site or building in those areas - to give your views on the Draft Neighbourhood Plan that has been prepared [for these combined areas]. You can view the website for the neighbourhood plan (NP) here, and download the draft NP here.

This is the first time a neighbourhood plan has been prepared for Hebden Royd and the Hilltop Parishes. Its purpose is similar to Calderdale Councils Local Plan (which is also still at draft stage; or to the existing Unitary Development Plan), and in particular is proposing to establish policies which will then be used to determine planning applications within the area. You can read more about the role of the NP, and how it has been developed in section 1.3 of the draft.

This is the first of 2 public consultations on the proposals of the NP before it is submitted to an independent inspector for examination, and then to public referendum. If the draft NP passes all the stages it would then be adopted and come into force, maybe towards the end of 2021 or shortly afterwards. This current ‘Regulation 14’ consultation is being undertaken by the committee of councillors from all 5 councils so that they can review your comments and if necessary amend the plan. After that, the revised draft NP will be submitted to Calderdale Council (who then take over responsibility for the process) under ‘Regulation 15’, before they too conduct their own public consultation – ‘Regulation 16’.
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