* 1. How would you rate your entire educational experience at Birkbeck?

* 2. If you could re-start university, would you choose to study at Birkbeck?

* 3. To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following about your time at Birkbeck?

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
I have found it easy to make new friends
There are plenty of opportunities to meet people with similar interests
There is ample noncommercial space to eat, relax or socialise
The university treats me with trust and respect
I feel as if I can be myself
I am regularly able to do what I do best
I get the chance to be creative
All things considered, I feel happy
In general, I would say my overall health is good
There are plenty of opportunities to do exercise
In general I find it easy to deal with important problems that come up in life
I feel positive about myself
I receive help and support from other people when I need it
I have access to health care (e.g. GP, mental or sexual health)
I feel part of a community
I feel safe on campus
I feel safe in my accommodation
I feel safe travelling to campus

* 4. To what extent have the following had a positive effect on your time at Birkbeck?

  Strongly disagree Disagree Neither agree nor disagree Agree Strongly agree
Programme/Course Representatives
Students' Union Website
Students' Union Advice Services
Students' Union Officers
Student Societies
Student Elections
Students' Union events
Student magazine (The Lamp and Owl)

* 5. Tell us one thing that the Students' Union has done to make Birkbeck a more welcoming environment

* 6. Do you think engaging with the Students' Union would enhance your academic interest/future life prospects?

* 7. What are the top 3 barriers you currently face to having the university experience you want? (select 3)

* 8. What do you most want to get out of your time at Birkbeck?

* 9. Please indicate the quality of your interactions with the following people at Birkbeck.

  Poor Average Good Excellent N/A
Academic Staff
Other administrative/support staff
Students' Union staff
Students' Union elected representatives
Other students

* 10. Have you ever seriously considered leaving Birkbeck?

* 11. If yes, what were the main reasons? (select 3)

* 12. How much has your experience at Birkbeck contributed to your knowledge, skills and personal development in the following areas?

  Very much Quite a bit Some Very little
Writing clearly and effectively
Speaking critically and effectively
Thinking critically and analytically
Analysing numerical and statistical information
Acquiring job or work related knowledge and skills
Working effectively with others
Developing or clarifying a personal code of values and ethics
Understanding people of other backgrounds (economic, racial/ethnic, political, religious, nationality)
Solving complex real world problems
Being an informed and active citizen

* 13. On a scale of one to ten, to what extent have your courses challenged you to do your best work?

(1) Not at all
i We adjusted the number you entered based on the slider’s scale.

* 14. How much does Birkbeck encourage and enable the following?

  Very much Quite a bit Some Very little
Spending significant amounts of time studying and on academic work
Providing support to help students succeed academically
Using learning support services
Shaping your own learning (e.g. module selection)
Providing opportunities to be socially involved
Providing support for your overall well-being (recreation, health care, counselling etc)
Helping you manage non-academic responsibilities (work, family, etc)
Getting a job and developing your career
Attending campus activities and events (performing arts)
Attending events that address important social economic or political issues

* 15. During the last year, about how often have you done the following?

  Never Sometimes Often Very often
Asked questions or contributed to course discussions in other ways
Prepared two or more drafts of an assignment before turning it in
Attended part of your course without completing reading or assignments
Attended an art exhibit, play, or other arts performance (dance, music, etc.)
Asked another student to help you understand course material
Explained course material to one or more students
Prepared for exams by discussing or working through course material with other students
Worked with other students on course projects or assignments
Given a course presentation

* 16. During the last year, about how often have you done the following?

  Never Sometimes Often Very often
Combined ideas from different modules when completing assignments
Connected your learning to real life problems or issues
Included diverse perspectives (political, religious, racial/ethnic, gender, etc.) in discussions or assignments
Examined the strengths and weaknesses of your own views on a topic or issue
Tried to better understand someone else's views by imagining how an issue looks from his or her perspective
Learned something that changed the way you understand an issue or concept
Connected ideas from your courses to your prior experiences and knowledge

* 17. During the last year, about how often have you done the following?

  Never Sometimes Often Very often
Talked about career plans with a staff member
Worked with a staff member on activities other than coursework (committees, student groups, etc.)
Discussed course topics, ideas, or concepts with a staff member outside of class
Discussed your academic performance with a staff member
Identified key information from reading assignments
Reviewed your notes after class
Summarized what you learned in class or from course materials

* 18. During the last year, to what extent have academic staff on your course done the following?

  Never Sometimes Often Very often
Clearly explained the course goals and requirements
Taught course sessions in an organised way
Used examples or illustrations to explain difficult points
Provided feedback on a draft or work in progress
Provided prompt and detailed feedback on assessments
Asked for, listened to and acted on feedback from students

* 19. Do you know who your Course Representative is?

* 20. How confident are you in your understanding the role and responsibilities of your Course Reps?

* 21. Do you feel that your Course Reps have made a positive contribution towards improving your Course this year?

* 22. Do you feel that your Course Reps have made a positive contribution towards improving your Course this year?

* 23. Please tell us why you chose your answer to the previous question (21)

* 24. How many hours do you spend in a typical seven-day week doing the following?

  0 1-5 6-10 11-15 16-20 21-25 26-30 More than 30
Preparing for your course (studying, reading, writing, doing homework or lab work, analysing data, rehearsing and other academic activities)
Participating in co-curricular activities (organisations, campus publications, Students' Union, sports)
Doing community service or volunteer work
Relaxing and socialising (time with friends, video games, TV or film etc)
Providing care for dependents (children, parents etc)

* 25. How many trips to Birkbeck do you make in a typical seven-day week?

* 26. How many hours do you spend working for pay in a typical seven-day week?

* 27. To what extent would you agree with the following:

  Strongly disagree Disagree Agree Strongly agree N/A
I regularly worry about not having enough money to meet my basic living expenses such as rent and utility bills
I feel able to concentrate on my studies without worrying about finances
I feel I could get good financial advice if I needed it
My academic timetable makes it easy for me to get part time work
I feel I can do an internship or volunteer without worrying about money
I feel comfortable with my culture and/or religion and/or faith on campus.
I have never had to compromise on, either, my culture and/or religion, and/or faith, for my education or vice versa.
I would appreciate work experience being incorporated into my studies.

* 28. What is your student number? We will not use this to identify any of your individual responses, only for the prize draw.

* 29. At what level do you study?

* 30. What have the majority of your marks been so far at university? (This information will be used anonymously to look at ways that the university and union can help students to succeed academically, please answer honestly).

* 31. What is your mode of study?

* 32. Which of the following best describes how you think of yourself?

* 33. What is your age?

* 34. Please choose the box that best describes your most recent university fee status

* 35. How would you describe your sexual orientation?

* 36. How would you describe your ethnic origin?

* 37. Do you consider yourself to have a disability?

* 38. Do you consider yourself to have dependents?

* 39. Where do you do the majority of your studies?

* 40. Which school do you study in?

* 41. What type of accommodation do you live in?

* 42. What is the highest level of education completed by either of your parents (or those who raised you)?