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For the past 18 months we have been inviting you to 'Join the Big Conversation' and tell us about some of the issues in Ards and North Down that you feel a Community Plan should address. We have taken all your feedback, plus statistical evidence and expert opinion and used it to develop "The Big Plan for Ards and North Down".

The Big Plan sets out our aspirations for the year 2030. It is an ambitious plan and takes a holistic approach to what we want to try and achieve. The Big Plan does not worry about which organisation is responsible for which public service, instead it concentrates on the result or outcome we want to achieve. The Big Plan is centered on the five high-level outcomes we want to achieve, alongside the indicators that will show us if we are making progress.

Implementing The Big Plan will involve action plans that focus on what will be done to improve the indicators and outcomes. The action plans will be developed once we have finalised the content of the plan.

Before we finalise and publish the Big Plan we want to undertake another short consultation exercise. This consultation exercise seeks to gather some feedback on whether the document explains what each outcome means and if it is clear what issues and problems The Big Plan will actually try to address. Have we selected the correct indicators to monitor the impact of the Big Plan? Finally we welcome suggestions on the type of actions or improvements to services that you think we should include in the action plans. 
If you would like to find out more about Community Planning in Ards and North Down please follow us on Twitter @myvoicemyAND or visit
While this survey is based on a number of specific questions there is a section at the end for you to feedback on any aspect of the Big Plan that you feel the structure of the survey does not allow for. 

The Closing Date for this survey is  1 March 2017
Thank You
Patricia Mackey
Community Planning Manager