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The Team at Ball Tree are always trying to improve our services.

Please could you take a moment to tell us your story about contacting and visiting the surgery.  Your answers are all confidential unless you choose to provide us with your email address / name.

We would like to know what we are doing well - so we can keep doing it!

We would like to know where we can make changes to try to help more...

This form is not for contacting the surgery about clinical matters and must not be used for issues or questions that need a rapid response.  Please use the standard contact number if you need to get in touch 01903 752200

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* 1. Do you have any ongoing medical condition/s - such as

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* 2. How often do you come to the surgery for appointments
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* 3. Please tell us your story about calling and visiting the surgery.
If you have an ongoing medical condition, is there anything in particular that you think we do differently to improve our service?

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* 4. Thinking about your story above...

What is the most important change that we could make to help you?

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* 5. Would you be interested in helping us in future as part of a Patient Voice reference group?

This would involve occasional requests to answer short questionnaires via email / you letting us know your thoughts about what we can do to improve our services.

We might also ask you to pilot services / consider our ideas and plans for developing the surgery / look at patient letters / advice sheets etc.

We think that this would mostly by email and phone, but it could also involve occasional meetings in person.