As part of Phase Two of our CPD Quality Assurance Project, we are seeking feedback on our draft CPD QA criteria to help inform the ongoing design of the CPD QA process.

These (draft) criteria draw upon the DfE’s ‘Standard for Teachers’ Professional Development’ (2016), as well as wider research evidence around effective CPD. They are intended to underpin the CPD QA process.  The outcomes of this process, if it works effectively, will support teachers and school and college leaders in identifying and selecting appropriate CPD for their needs whilst helping providers to understand how they can evaluate the quality of their provision and identify improvements.

The intention is that CPD providers of all types would submit evidence showing how they meet each of the criteria.  The process by which this takes place, and the assessment of that evidence, is also part of our piloting process.

It is likely that these criteria will evolve and develop in light of the feedback received. 

Please help us by answering the following questions.
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