By completing this survey you will help us understand: how people feel about the Wellington Monument; how supportive they are of the Monument being repaired; what type of activities would be of most interest; and, to what extent people are willing to be involved and help.

The Monument stands on the Blackdown Hills just South of Taunton and can be seen clearly from the M5.  It is the tallest three-sided obelisk anywhere in the world and was built to celebrate the Duke of Wellington’s successes following the Battle of Waterloo in 1815.  
There are loads of fascinating stories that surround it including how its construction was impacted by Wellington’s rise and fall in popularity and how local people have been involved over the past 200 years.   
We look after the site but have had to fence it off in recent times to keep people safe as it is in need of significant repair.  We are hoping to submit funding applications to the Heritage Lottery Fund and other grant-giving bodies for the majority of the total £4m project.  If we are successful, we will launch a fundraising campaign at that point to raise the rest of the money required. We hope this project would safe-guard the future of the Monument for the next 60 years and enable people to climb to the top again.


* 1. Please mark on the scale below your knowledge of the Wellington Monument