To learn more about our Business Incubator Startup Programme, please click here
Please complete the entire application giving as much information as possible to ensure we can properly assess how suitable you are to become an entrepreneur for the Incubator.

Applicants must be between 18 - 25 and of African/African Caribbean heritage.

* 1. Your Full Details

* 2. Please tick to confirm the following

* 3. Describe your business or business idea in no more than 200 words. Make sure you outline what problem your business solves, and how you solve it. What is your big vision of how you want to change people's lives for the better?

* 4. What market does your business propose to serve? Describe any experience or particular knowledge you or your team has of this market.

* 5. Does your proposed business have any particular benefit for the Black community? If so, please say how

* 6. How will you be using technology as part of the business? Do you or your team have any tech skills or experience?

* 7. We do accept applications from sole founders & solopreneurs but if you already have a team, please tell us about the next most important member of your team

* 8. All businesses that join the 100 Business Incubator will be asked to commit to:
  • donate 3% to the 100 Black Men of London of any funding they receive from investors in their first round of funding after joining the Incubator
  • commit to giving at least 5 hours as a mentor or support to other entrepreneurs, who join the Incubator programme after you
Please tick to confirm your agreement to this

* 9. We may have a fund to support your business with up to an initial £1,000 investment. If you received this initial investment, what would you use it for?

* 10. Is there anything else you want us to know in support of your application?