Would you like to see how your organisation compares to its competitors in terms of operational excellence?  Well lets find out... 

We have developed a FREE assessment which can be completed in less than 90 seconds.  Within 48 hours of completing the survey we will send you a personalised report highlighting your strengths and weaknesses, as measured against your competitors, plus a few tips to bridge the gaps!  All you have to do is answer the following questions:

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* 4. Please read each of the statements below and select how closely it represents your company:

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A mission, vision, values statement exists and is a driver of peoples behaviour in the organisation.
An annual business plan exists and most of the organisation contribute to its development.
The business plan is aligned to the mission, vision, values statement.
Performance against the business plan is routinely communicated throughout the organisation.
Customers are frequently consulted on the quality of service/product provided to them.
My manager keeps me well informed and also acts upon any concerns / suggestions I have.
People at all levels are empowered (within approved authority limits) to resolve their own problems.
An internal suggestion scheme exists and is used routinely to improve performance.
KPIs are an integral part of each departments operations.
Senior management lead by example.