VSC, DSD, IV Inclusion in Sport and Physical Activity

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Sport England has funded Pride Sports to create a set of policy recommendations on sports and physical activity participation of individuals with a variation in sex characteristic (VSC), difference in sex development (DSD) or intersex variation (IV). These policy recommendations will be used internally at Sport England.

Pride Sports has been working in partnership with IntersexUK (iUK) to carry out focus groups and a survey, to support the creation of the policy recommendations.

Further information about the survey and for terminology guidance, please see here: https://pridesports.org.uk/vsc-dsd-and-iv-inclusion-in-sport-and-physical-activity/ 

It is important to highlight that completion of this survey does not require your name, address or any information which aims in any way to identify you.

We thank you for taking the time to contribute your voice to this survey. We anticipate the survey will take around 15-20 minutes and slightly longer if you wish to leave a testimony.
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