School of Psychotherapy and Psychology

Regent’s University London

PROJECT TITLE: A study focusing on the integration of recently discharged mental health patients 


INVITATION:  You are being invited to take part in a study which is looking at the self-efficacy of individuals who have been discharged from hospital into the community, and their experiences of integration into their wider community. This research is being conducted by myself, Emma Church and being supervised by Dr. Marina Rachitskiy, from Regents University London. This research has gained ethical approval from Regents University of Psychotherapy and Psychology Ethics Committee.

WHAT WILL HAPPEN: You will be asked to complete a questionnaire designed to look at your self-efficacy, experience and how well you have integrated into the community since discharge. However, this is not a test and you should be able to reply freely and honestly.
TIME COMMITMENT: This questionnaire should take no longer than 20 minutes to complete.

BENEFITS AND RISKS/DISCOMFORT: There are benefits to science and society, as this may facilitate individuals integration into society for other mental health patients. There may be minor distress as the questions are of a personal nature.

PARTICIPANTS’ RIGHTS: Participation in this study is voluntary and you have the option not take part or to opt out at any point of the study. If you do take part in the study and later decide that you would no longer like to be part of the study you have the right to withdraw.

COST, REIMBURSEMENT AND COMPENSATION: Your participation in this study is voluntary. You will receive no remuneration in return for your participation.

CONFIDENTIALITY/ANONYMITY: The data we collect do not contain any personal information about you. No one will link the data you provided to the identifying information you supplied. The data may be used in presentations, or publication. However, none of the data given will be directly identify to you as a participant.

FOR FURTHER INFORMATION: Dr. Marina Rachiskiy will be glad to answer your questions about this study at any time. You may contact her at