Thank you for completing this evaluation of our Parent Partnership provision.

Mark your choice of rating for each question using the scale below. Please respond honestly to help identify areas for development.

Where possible, please provide a comment about why you have given this rating and any ideas you might have for improving provision.

1 Very poor 2 Poor 3 Satisfactory 4 Good 5 Very good

* 1. How good do you think the partnership is between parents and school?

* 2. How welcoming is the school environment for parents?

* 3. How good is the reception you receive when you visit the school?

* 4. How good is the teaching staff at ensuring my child learns and encouraging my child to become independent?

* 5. How good is the information you get from the school? (letters, newsletters, website, calendar, etc.)

* 6. How useful is the partnership between parents and the school in helping you to support your child’s learning? (parents’ evenings, reports, targets, individual meetings, etc.)

* 7. Improving the Parent Partnership