Youth Application 2020 - 2021
Please refer to the guidance available on the CPP Locality webpage at http://northayrshire.community/pb2020/39043/ to assist you in completing your application

If you need any support completing the application form please email youthpb@north-ayrshire.gov.uk or call 01294 475900 we will pass on your details to the appropriate member of our team who can help.
Essential Criteria
1.    You must be a not for profit, individual, community group or organisation providing a service in, or of benefit to your Locality.

2.    Your application must be for activities/events/resources for one or more of the following 4 themes: Health & Wellbeing, Poverty & Inequality, Voice & Participation and Digital Connections

3.    You can apply for any amount up to £1,000 and you can also bid for less.

4.    You must be able to spend the funds within 12 months if successful.

5.    You must have any legal, permission and insurances required to carry out your project.

6.    You must allow your project to be used in any promotional material.

7.    Only one application per group will be considered per Locality.

8.    You must submit your application by 5pm on the 31st January 2021
Youth PB Themes 20/21
1) Health & Wellbeing: Make sure young people have the chance to lead healthy, active lives.  Young people understand the importance of mental health and resilience.

2) Poverty and Inequality: Events or activities that help reduce poverty and inequalities for young people. 

3) Voice & Participation: Young people have the opportunity to be involved in decision making.  Young people are involved in the planning and delivery of activities and events.  Events or activities that promote active citizenship, participation and young people’s rights.

4) Digital Connections Ensuring young people have access to digital devices and connection.  Supporting projects that tackle isolation and increase participation and support to young people digitally.

What will we not fund?

- Any political or religious activities (applications can be accepted from faith groups if they are for local community work).
- Routine maintenance or repairs.
- Routine running cost (salaries/ electricity/ rates/ rent/ insurance/ etc.) - unless in relation to COVID -19 recovery and renewal
- Applications from schools (these are the responsibility of the local authority). However, Parent Councils and Associations can apply for extra activities over and above the normal learning and teaching if they enhance and benefit the wider community.
- More than one application per group in the financial year (March – April).
- Private businesses
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