If you're having a hard time at school or need help to feel included, the Reach website can give you advice about extra support.

We want to make sure that Reach is what young people like you actually want and need. 

It would be great if you could answer a few questions (they will take you 10 mins max).

We won't tell other people your name - what you tell us is between you and us.

We''l listen to what you have to say, and will use what you tell us to make Reach even better. 


* 1. My email (so I can enter a prize draw to win amazon vouchers)

* 4. My gender

* 6. What do you think Reach should give advice about to young people having a hard time at school?

* 7. If you were having a hard time at school, where would you turn for advice?

* 8. If you were looking at the Reach website for advice, how would you like to get it?

* 9. If you found advice you liked, would you share it? If so, how would you share it?

* 10. What social media do you use?

* 11. On a school day, when do you usually look at your social media?

* 12. What would be the best way for schools to share info about Reach with pupils?