Business Improvement District (BID) Development Underway

Earlier this year the North Nottinghamshire Place Board commissioned Regen Management, a specialist BID Consultancy, to undertake a first stage feasibility study for a potential North Nottinghamshire Business Improvement District (BID).  Since the legislation was introduced in 2003, over 230 Business Improvement Districts have been developed in towns, cities and business parks across the UK with 11 in Birmingham and 50 in London alone.  Local BIDs include Lincoln, Mansfield and Nottingham.  

The North Notts BID would be a trailblazer, the first area in the UK to apply the BID model to the whole District.  By working together businesses within the District of Bassetlaw will have a powerful collective voice, a 5-year business plan and a sustainable budget to directly address and tackle local issues, promote the uniqueness of the individual towns, villages and business parks, introduce exciting new initiatives; as well as more broadly raising the profile of North Nottinghamshire, attracting inward investment and gaining a regional advantage. The North Notts BID will provide ambition, vision, investment and a real understanding of place management.

Over 200 businesses participated with the first BID survey and there was a fantastic level of support with 71% of businesses saying they supported a BID and a further 25% were interested to find out more.  It is encouraging that businesses realise what a positive step forward a Business Improvement District could be for the area.  

The study identified that a North Notts BID had the potential to raise in excess of £600,000 every year to be spent on projects chosen by businesses.  Over the 5-year project term that's £3 million of added investment in our towns, villages and business parks.  As BIDs are business led and business managed the investment is raised by eligible businesses contributing 1% of their businesses rateable value in BID levy (as a guide this would be £100 each year for smaller businesses up to a maximum of £5,000 per year for the largest).

Based on the study and the positive feedback, North Nottinghamshire Place Board have taken the decision to support the development of a BID over the next year and Regen Management have been commissioned to take this piece of work forward.  

The first step in the exciting new BID development involves speaking to businesses.  We want to know what is important to you - there may be certain projects you feel that your sector, town or business park would benefit from, what would it take for you to support a Business Improvement District and how could one benefit you?  This feedback will shape the North Nottinghamshire BID business plan, which is the document that all businesses will be invited to vote on at ballot in Spring 2017.

Get involved
The survey (overleaf) should take 5-10 minutes to complete. You can return in one of the following ways:
  • Scan to:
  • Post to: North Notts BID c/o Sally Gillborn, North Nottinghamshire Place Manager, Queen's Buildings, Potter Street, Worksop, Notts, S80 2AH
  • Complete online:
At this stage we anticipate that all businesses with a rateable value of £10,000 and above will be eligible to vote at ballot and subject to a successful ballot, form part of the North Nottinghamshire BID.  As we want the BID to be inclusive of all, businesses below this threshold will be able to join through a voluntary membership.  

For more information please contact:
Sally Gillborn, North Notts Place Manager e. 
Michelle Baker, BID Consultant e. t. 07527 016338