1. The Library Services Annual Student Survey

Thank you for taking the time to fill out our annual Library Services Survey. Your feedback helps us to plan and improve our services and facilities. If you would like to give us your GSA email address at the end of the survey you'll to be entered into our prize draw for your choice of either £100 Paint & Mortar vouchers or £100 National Book Tokens. We don't connect this email address to your other answers so they remain anonymous and we delete all the email addresses as soon as the prize draw is complete. 

Kathy Molloy, Head of Library Services

Accessibility: If you have difficulty completing the online version of this survey, paper copies are available. Just ask at the Library Desk on Level 0.

Question Title

* 1. Please say how SATISFIED you are with the following Library resources, facilities and services:

  Satisfied Neither satisfied nor dissatisfied Dissatisfied
Library as a place to study
Opening hours 
Helpfulness of the staff
Books (both digital and print)
Journals and magazines (both digital and print)
Film and TV  (DVDs, online films via Kanopy, online TV via Planet eSteam)
Library website (both information provided and collection search)

Question Title

* 2. Using the Library means visiting the physical space (study spaces, computing facilities, printed collections) and using the library website and online collections. Taking both into account how often do you use the Library?

Question Title

* 3. Please say how much you agree or disagree with the following statement:

  Definitely agree Mostly agree Neither agree nor disagree Mostly disagree Definitely disagree
Overall the library resources (e.g. books, online journals), spaces, staff and services have supported my learning well