Thank you for visiting this page – it's great that you're interested in entering The Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder of the Year 2017 competition!
To enter you need to answer some questions so we can find out about you and your birding but first, here's the dull bit about the rules and how the final works:

To be eligible for the competition you need to be 16 or under on Saturday 9 September 2017. Entries must be submitted by midnight Thursday 30 June 2017. Previous winners are not eligible to enter for a second time. Finalists from 2016 are also not eligible – they must skip at least one year before they can enter again. This is to encourage new young birders to come forward.

Our judges will assess all entries and select four finalists. The final will be part of the Spurn Migration Festival (Mig Fest) held at Spurn Bird Observatory 8–10 September 2017. Entrants must be available for the final on Saturday 9 September 2017 and for the presentations that evening. Finalists receive free entrance to Mig Fest.

Migration is a fantastic phenomenon! Finalists will be asked to identify a number of birds in a variety of settings (farmland, estuary, sea, migrating overhead, etc.), depending on the species present on the day. They will also be asked some supplementary questions about birds, particularly migratory species likely to be found at Spurn in autumn. The assessors are very friendly and finalists will also get lots of useful tips on bird identification and information on bird migration.

All finalists must be accompanied by a responsible adult to the final assessment briefing at the observatory at 10am on Saturday 9 September. The adult may then accompany the finalist for the practical assessment but must remain passive throughout. The assessment takes approximately 2–3 hours to complete and a light buffet lunch is provided afterwards.

There are 25 questions to answer for your opportunity to be our Martin Garner Spurn Young Birder of the Year and win some great prizes too. Good luck!

* 1. Name

* 2. Age and date of birth (entrants must be16 or under on Saturday 9 September 2017)

* 3. Contact Details