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We believe that all children and young people in York deserve the best start and the chance to thrive. Every family, child and young person should be able to get help, information and support at the right time and place. They should be able to reach their full potential and lead healthy, happy lives.

Raise York is a network of people, places and online support. It supports children, young people and families from pregnancy to adulthood. You can expect a warm welcome in your local community and to be guided to the right support for you.
What does Raise York currently offer young people?

  • Raise York website has a wide range of information pages specifically written for young people. Some information will be specifically targeted at 16 years to 18 year olds, however the information may also be useful to people 13-25 years old.
  • We provide a dedicated information telephone line 01904 555400 (Mon - Fri 10am - 4pm)
  • We provide a dedicated email address where we will respond within two working days: or if you prefer, there is a contact form link
  • you can TEXT us number: 07786 202241
  • You can follow us on Instagram

What do we know so far. We consulted with a small sample of young people and they have told us:

  • Most young people were directed to our previous website (Yor-OK) by a teacher/support worker/other adult. So we could be better placed where young people are looking for information themselves.
  • Our previous website felt out of date so it was important to improve it and continue to make improvements.
  • Not everyone found the information on the website easy to understand so we will try to improve that.
  • Not all information is up to date, we need to continue to review information and make it easy for people to tell us when something needs updating

We want to ask you some questions about whether the options available are right and what we can offer going forward.
Our survey asks for some personal information which you may choose not to give (eg/ age and contact details if you wish us to get in touch). We do not publish or share any information which can identify you. Please read our privacy notice to find out more about how we protect your personal information.

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