With the ongoing coronavirus situation, we are aware that tourism and hospitality businesses are being impacted by this global crisis.  We are tracking as many of business impacts as possible, which is then being passed on (in confidence) to relevant partners locally, regionally and nationally.  This is also being used to try to calculate the economic impact on tourism in York and beyond.  Importantly, this means that we can inform VisitBritain and DCMS so they can continue to feed in tourism concerns to Government.

We are very grateful for all of the information that came into the first wave of coronavirus impact research, which we conducted following the initial diagnosis in York.  Six weeks on the situation is very different and so we have set up a second wave of the survey, designed for this current phase.

To be able to accurately assess the situation and to make sure we are providing the full picture to our partners, we would appreciate your support in logging the impacts your business is seeing.  This short survey allows you to log in as often as you'd like and record how your business is being impacted.

We will keep all feedback confidential and no business names will be mentioned in any reports, with all data being aggregated for the city.  However, in order to track your responses as you feed them in, we do request that you supply your business name so that we can ensure the cumulative impacts are logged against the right business.

Please click ok to begin this short survey, which should take you less than 10 minutes to fill in