1. Introduction- Why we need your views.

We are seeking the views of the Community on the future of the Yarcombe Inn. We would like you to read some information  about it on the following pages and then answer some questions designed to find out what you would like to see take place there.
Yarcombe Parish Council is attempting to procure the Yarcombe Inn on behalf of the Community. The Campaign Committee consisting of Parish Councillors and volunteers from the community have been working hard to raise funds to purchase the Inn and to develop a viable business plan to sustainably operate it on behalf of the community in the future. We now wish to consult  Yarcombe and Marsh residents and others with an interest across The Blackdown Hills and the surrounding counties about the role that it could  play in community life and the different things  that could be based there. 
Clearly the Yarcombe Inn has struggled, in recent years, in common with many pubs across the Country, to operate sustainably as just a pub. The problems with the ageing fabric of the building, its listed status, and the internal layout have all restricted its successful development. The Parish Council is, however, in a unique position not only to address those issues, but to attract external funding to upgrade the building, realise both its heritage and its 21st century purpose and create a hub for the community and others that is more than just a pub.
The campaign group have created a vision for a multipurpose venue that will:
  • Bring the Yarcombe Inn back into use as a sustainable business operated on behalf of the community.
  • Revitalise the centre of Yarcombe village and provide a range of services for residents and visitors alike, enhancing the quality of community life.
  • Provide a focus for positive economic and social development in Yarcombe and provide a perpetual return to the community for its investment.
The campaign groups current thinking is outlined below. We would like you to consider these ideas and give us your views about them, but also to let us know what alternatives you would like us to consider.

Currently the Yarcombe Inn consists of three main elements. There is the bar area to the downstairs left hand side of the building, the former restaurant and kitchen area to the downstairs right hand side the building and the upstairs which currently consists of managers accommodation and two ensuite bedrooms plus the former skittle alley.
Looking at these three areas there are are a number of combinations of uses that could work to establish a sustainable business. We need to understand the preferences of the community and of potential users for the uses under consideration.