Consent to Discuss Participation in Research (CDPR) is a new Oxford Health initiative with the aim of giving every patient the chance to take part in current or future research. The initiative is part of the wider Biomedical Research Centre objective to ensure Oxford is a national leader in healthcare related research. 

The approach chosen to achieve this aim was an opt-in consent model which utilised the potential of electronic patient health records (Carenotes) to act as a register for patients interested in research.

The method is that every patient is asked by a member of their clinical team if they would be happy to be contacted about research opportunities, and their response is recorded on a new CDPR form on Carenotes.

If the patient opts-in, they could then be contacted by researchers who may have suitable research studies for them to participate in, but the patient may decline these offers without giving a reason. If the patient opts-out, they would not be contacted about research opportunities. 

We have piloted the feasibility of this approach across four pilot sites across Oxford Health, in a range of clinical settings. We are now getting feedback from the pilot, which includes focus groups with patients, and this survey for Oxford Health staff.

The aim of this survey is to get feedback from staff involved in the pilot about their experience of using the form, and any difficulties in implementing the form into clinical practice.

We are very grateful for your feedback and welcome any suggestions as part of this evaluation process.

Survey length: 10 questions
Time to complete: 5 minutes
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