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Concrete Canvas Ltd manufacture a range of revolutionary products designed for erosion control, water conveyance and containment applications in the construction sector. Although inherently easy to install, there are key fundamentals and processes that must be followed to ensure a high-quality installation.
The Concrete Canvas Contractor Training program is designed to educate contractors and is divided into three levels covering basic, intermediate and advanced installation methodologies. It is an online platform, requiring examinees to read critical technical literature, watch key training videos and answer multiple-choice questions before advancing to the next level.
Completing the three levels will:
  • Provide contractors with the required information to install Concrete Canvas® (CC) products safely and to a high standard
  • Allow contractors to price competitively in order to win bidding tenders
  • Instruct contractors as to what equipment, labour and machinery are required and what installation rates are achievable.
  • Distinguish contractors from their competition and qualify them for specifications with a requirement to complete the training. 

Level 1 (Basic)
This training and assessment will take approx. 60 minutes to complete.

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