Who's your woman of influence?

Influence. It could be as weighty as changing national policy or as localised as being a good role model in a local authority or small consultancy planning team.

In this year unlike any other, it could be showing commitment and initiative to keep teams and projects together, finding new ways to communicate and support colleagues and service users in a planning system under pressure. It could simply be keeping planning going through the many obstacles presented by Covid-19.

We want to know the women working in planning and related fields who have influenced you as a planner over the past 12 months. They don’t specifically have to be planners; but they do have to be influencing planning professionals in some way – whether by shaping policy or practice, providing information that changes the way you think about your work, challenging the profession itself to change for the better or by giving you the confidence to do great work.

Tell us who she is and what her influence has been, and by all means nominate more than one woman. Have a look at last year’s Women of Influence list for inspiration. Keep in mind that we're looking for women who work in the public, private and third sectors, in academia, law, politics, the media and in the UK and beyond. This year, we'd particularly like to acknowledge the influence of women working internationally.
The closing date for nominations is Friday, 29 January.

Our team of judges will then go through all your suggestions to create a non-ranked, non-competitive list of the planning profession’s Women of Influence for publication on our website on International Women's Day, Monday, 8 March 2021.

Please answer the questions below to make your nomination. Once done, you'll be taken back to the beginning so you can nominate again if you wish.

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* 1. Who’s your woman of influence?

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* 2. What's her position/employer (if known)?

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* 3. How has she been a woman of influence over planning during the past year? Please be specific and give us good reasons to include her on the list.

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