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We know halls accommodation is not always guaranteed and that finding and renting accommodation whilst at University can often be quite a stressful and difficult experience.

With a global pandemic occurring it has further added to the stresses that students have experienced.

Many students at the University of Plymouth live in University halls or within the local area in private halls or rented accommodation, and it is clear that student housing has a significant influence on your overall university experience. Any changes that can be made to positively impact the housing experience for students through student insight, lobbying, and housing advice will hopefully benefit the student body and contribute to the Students’ Union’s mission to make student life better at the University of Plymouth.

What are we looking at?

We are looking into several aspects of the housing experience at Plymouth, including:

  • What do students look for in on-campus accommodation?
  • Are students satisfied with their housing experience?
  • What influences student choices when it comes to housing?
  • What influences student choice to commute to university?
  • What is the current provision of the private housing market?
  • How can we improve the current on-campus accommodation experience?
  • How can we improve our Students’ Union housing advice provision?
  • The impact of COVID-19 on housing choices.

We are looking to understand the current student housing situation across the sector, specifically through the consideration of the above areas.
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