Survey information

Please complete this survey if you are interested in contributing to the research into ‘Empowered communities in the 2020s: shaping the future of community development’, being delivered for Local Trust by the Institute for Voluntary Action Research (IVAR). Your response to this survey will be held in confidence by IVAR. We plan to publish fully anonymised findings of this survey as part of IVAR and Local Trust's commitment to making research findings freely available. By completing this survey you agree to your information being held by IVAR and shared as appropriate with Local Trust. We will not share your data with any other parties. 

* 1. Name

* 2. Organisation and role if applicable

* 3. What area/region do you work/live in? (optional)

* 4. Please provide a few words about why you’re interested in the future of communities and community development.

* 5. How would you like to contribute to the research? (tick box, select one or more)

* 6. What is the most important thing/s that will help communities to become more empowered and vibrant in the future?

* 7. Please provide some examples of empowered communities/where to look for empowered communities?

* 8. We will be running a small number of events in places across the UK. We have not yet decided where these will take place. Please provide a postcode and address here if you want us to inform you if an event is happening near you.

* 9. If you would like to connect with the research via social media, please provide us with your Twitter handle.